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Kottke says a tumblelog is a quick and dirty stream of consciousness… with more than just links. Anarchaia was the first, but there are many copies. And they have a plan.

  1. Don't start a business if you can't explain what pain it solves, for whom, and why your product will eliminate this pain, and how the customer will pay to solve this pain.

    Joel Spolsky

  2. An investigation into how the different browsers handle :active v. :focus links.

  3. Our ancestors were hunted by birds.

  4. Scientists discover one in twelve Irishmen are descended from Niall of the Nine Hostages.

  5. NYC says all your A1c are belong to us, the Liberty Belles object. Film at 11.

  6. The American colonists were responding to changes in the way Britain sought to govern them. After the Glorious Revolution of 1688 Parliament was supreme. Most of the colonies had been founded before that time. The colonies were governed by people who believed in an older model which focused on limitations on government power; they were descendents of people who had fled from over-reaching government power.

    — from Tea, Taxes and the American Revolution (emphasis mine)

  7. Programming as Design sounds a lot like Richard Gabriel's MFA in Software

  8. Arnold Kling's wild hypotheses in economcis and political economy.

  9. Europe gives 65 cents — just over half a euro — to the average poverty-stricken African in aid in a year, whereas a surplus cow in Europe gets 848 euros a year.

    via Marginal Revolution

  10. As the psychologist Tom Gilovich has suggested, someone who wants to believe a proposition tends to ask, "Can I believe it?" In contrast, someone who wants to deny its truth tends to ask "Must I believe it?"

    Tom Gilovich, via Cafe Hayek

  11. A collection of useful tools for flickr users.

  12. Just because you're writing AJAX code doesn't mean you can ignore HTTP status codes.

  13. asdf-upgrade is a handy way to upgrade your asdf-installable libraries. Hat tip to Bill Clementson.

  14. Does it bother you that <sup/> and <sub/> affect your line height? Style them with line-height: 0; and you'll be good to go.

  15. Meet RHIT's new president.

  16. Finished Accelerando last night. Stross is Egan, updated to 2005. Download the book (cc-by-nc-nd 2.5).

  17. When teenagers' hobbyist blogs (short for "Web logs") have better code than brand-new Web sites, somebody's doing something wrong. And that somebody is you, the developer.

    Failed Redesigns

  18. SBCL self-hosts on Windows now.

  19. In #emacs:

    1. <kensanata> maybe you have the wrong mental model of how emacs operates.
    2. <kensanata> for example, you cannot "open a new buffer in utf-8"
    3. <kensanata> this will lead you astray, since you will make experiments with emacs that result in things failing.
    4. <johnsu01> in emacs, the buffer opens YOU in utf-8.
    5. <kensanata> lol
  20. A lot of blog-noise out there about the Edge's 2006 question: What is your dangerous idea?

    Some of the good ones:

    Some of the bad ones:

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